Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ganjalion Serves Up The Ital Selections

Alright, here's a little something for the healthy musical heads out there. Definitely a theme we all could take something from...enjoy the tunes...


Shan-I Benjamin - Look After Your Structure
Malijah - No Combo
Macka B - Big Mack
Louie Culture - Nothing Else We Don't Want
Louie Culture & Mikey Spice - Grab Yuh Lass And Come
Khari Kill - Mad Cow
Jah Sun feat. Ras Attitude - No Bones No Blood
Benny Culture - Vineyard
Anthony B - Watch What Yuh Eat
Niyorah - Globe All Warming
Bushman - Fire Pon A Deadas
Mystic Revealer's - Simple Living
Daweh Congo - Healthy and Strength
Turbulence - Ital Stew

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ganjalion Uplifts The People Vol 2

And here's another that should of gone up a long time ago....


Mark Wonder - Jah Never Fail I
Garnett Silk - Cry Of My People
Turbulence - I Shall Not Be Moved
Screwdriver - Road Block
Damien Warren - Life Goes On
Fanton Mojah - Never Too Late
Jah Cure - Reflections
Gyptian - Mama Don't Cry
Anthony Cruz - Light It Up
Junior Kelly - Dem & Those
Luciano, Louie Culture, & Terror Fabulous - In This Together
Doniki - Rise Up
Lucian0 - Where There Is Life
Lutan Fyah - Never Get Down
Buju Banton & Ras Shiloh -Give I Strength
Anthony B & Taffari - Rise
Natural Black & First Born - Jah Blessings
Chezidek - Feel The Love
Jah Mason - Rise And Shine
Warrior King - Can't Get Me Down
Capleton - Stand Tall

Ganjalion Inna Shoot Out Vol 2

Yes, it's been several months since I last updated this blog. I guess my life takes me away from this, and even though I say a thousand times over I'm gonna update it...well it always seems to get left behind. BUT I promise to get this thing going for the summer months. Here's a compilation that should of went up months ago...enjoy!


Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - Johnny Too Bad
Khari Kill - Mary Grandson
Fanton Mojah - Wrong Energy
Norris Man - Park Your Guns
Admiral Tibet - Terrorist
Barrington Levy & Beenie Man - Murderation
Doniki - Rise Up
Jah Mason - Youth Of Today
Sizzla - More Guidance
Lutan Fyah -Peace In Spanish Town
Yami Bolo, Mega Banton, Delly Ranks - Stop Fighting
Terror Fabulous - Gun Jezebel
Anthony B - Who Shoot First
Buju Banton - Mr. Nine
Anthony B - Don't Bust Your Gun
Luciano & Selvie Wonder - Neighbourhood Watch
Morgan Heritage - Too Much Blood Ah Run
Cocoa Tea - Rikers Island

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ganjalion Inna Shoot Out

My favourite compilation so far...this one focusing on the violence that grips our world on an everyday basis. Too many great songs out there focusing on the subject...but here are some favs. I will have Vol 2 up by next week....


Turbulence - Shoot Out
Anthony B - Don't Buss Your Gun
Buju Banton - Murderer
Bushman - Too Much Violence
Tarrus Riley - Beware
Lutan Fyah - Too Much Guns In The City
Chuck Fender - Gash Dem
Yami Bolo - Bad Boy
Doniki - Heard It On The News
Abijah - Rude Toy
Gyptian - Beng Beng
Anthony Cruz - No Gun A Dance
Admiral Tibet - Sound Of A Gun
Louie Culture - Battle Field
Utan Green - Tired Of The Killing
Natty King - No Guns To Town
Sizzla - Explain To Almighty
Buju Banton & Anthony Cruz - Too Bloody

Ganjalion Presents The Ganja Spliff Vol 2

Here's Volume 2 in my ganja series. No explanation really needed...you know what to expect...


Natural Black - High Grade
Marlon Asher - Ganja Farmer
Buju Banton - Sensimilla Persecution
Sanchez - Chronic
Bushman - Cannabis
Morgan Heretige - Wisdom Weed
Capleton - Chalice
Anthony B - Gimme The Herbs
Richie Spice - High Grade In My Chalice
Chezidek - Wrong Law
Kandiman - High Grade
Queen Ifrica - Burn Some Herb With Me
Anthony B & The Mighty Diamonds - Pass The Kutchie
Al Pancho - Good Draw
Chuck Fender - It's All About The Weed
Sizzla - Got It Right Here
Vybz Kartel - High Grade - remix

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ganjalion Presents The Ganja Spliff

This is my compilation of some modern ganja tunes. Nothing too serious...just some tracks I enjoy and may have slipped under the radar for some. I'll have another up, soon come.

Mr Easy - Strangest Thing
Bascom X & Gyptian - Burn The Cannabis
Warrior King - Meditation
Anthony Cruz - Mari-Wana
Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal - High Grade Hit Me
Sizzla - Healing Of The Nation
Everton Blender - Bring The Kutchie
Jah Mason - High Grade
Richie Spice - Marijuana
Bounty Killer - Smoke The Herb
Turbulence & Spectacular - High Grade
Chezidek - Leave The Trees
Perfect - Ganja Spliff
Mighty Diamonds feat. Fragga Ranks - Chalice In A Circle
Anthony B - More Pon More
Chuck Fender - Gwan Plant
Collie Buddz - Come Around (Taxi Remix)


Ganjalion Uplifts The People Vol 1

This compilation is the first in the series presenting an uplifting message. Hopefully these will get some spirits up...I know this is the time of year people love to get down on themselves. These songs represent a meaning of upliftment, something to get yourself up. If your life is down at the moment, not to worry, sunshine awaits ahead. There must always be a calm after the storm...

Fanton Mojah feat. First Born - Uplift Yourself
Buju Banton - Not An Easy Road
Buju Banton feat. Culture - Can't Get Weary
Turbulence - Burnin' Blaze
Chezidek - Firm Up Yourself
Zahair & Karanga - Jah Rainbow
Lutan Fyah - Desire To Get Higher
Luciano - Sitting & Watching
Gentleman & Morgan Heretige - Man Of My Own
Mark Wonder feat. Anthony B - Don't Cry
Jah Cure - Jah Bless Me
Turbulence & Jah Mali - Stay Strong
Junior Kelly feat. Dennis Brown - Hold The Faith
Luciano - Sweep Over My Soul
Abijah - Nah Give Up Today
I-Shasha feat. Million Stylez -Jah is With Me
Bescenta - Hold A Joy
Lutan Fyah - Stand In My Way
Morgan Heretige - What We Need Is Love
Anthony B - Make It Some Day
Perfect feat. Jeffrey Star - Ready When Yuh Are
Sizzla - Bright Sunshine